Mauro Acevedo

Network Engineer
Network Assistance and Monitoring
10 Years
Personal Experience

Since joining GlobKlasse Corp., Mauro Acevedo has supported the mission of the company and has been an integral member in helping GlobKlasse customers to improve the efficiency of their systems.

Mauro is a bilingual telecommunication systems professional with over 10 years experience in information technology, business management, and strategic development. Primarily focused on delivering business growth and improving customer experience for the technological and travel industries across the Americas.

Professional Skills
Early Years

He is a network services industry specialist with diverse experience that includes network engineering, operations, business analysis, business management, and business integration, as well as customer service and business development.

He is responsible for managing the Miami Design District’s IT Department; including planning/executing preventive and corrective actions for IT systems (MO Suite, IOS, WiFi, routing & switching, among others) resulting in 99% resource availability. 

He is also in charge of leading cross-functional teams for help desk services and camera maintenance for MDD and tenants.

Career Guidelines

Prior to joining GlobKlasse, he spent 3+ years at Digital as a Network Specialist, where he managed a wide range of core network elements (EPG, GGSN, Radius), and participated in the 4G LTE network implementation during the whole project life-cycle including defining activities/responsibilities, IP Plan designing, test environment, run and go live.

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