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We are a Managed IT Services and Consultancy firm for small to mid-size businesses.

Since 2012, we have been a reliable Network Engineer and IT Consultancy partner for world-class brands. We are a Managed IT Support company that provides cutting-edge network engineering and cloud solutions.

Globklasse SmartCloud Backup is the ideal solution to swiftly solve all your data management issues.

Our Relentless

At Globklasse, we provide outsourced IT consulting to clients who depend on reliable servers and security. Our strategic services are designed to make your IT infrastructure reliable and robust, so you can focus on growing your business. Our knowledgeable team, combined with our IT best practices, help our clients better utilize their network servers and PC’s. Intelligent iT’s pro-active approach, is what helps us make you successful.

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We are confident you will benefit from Globklasse’s Managed Services offerings that are designed to enhance and strengthen your technology strategy and extend your team’s capabilities. Our managed services strategy and support teams are here to complement your in-house IT team by providing you with access to subject matter experts and highly specialized monitoring, reporting, automation, and IT management platforms.
Security Solutions
Cybersecurity firms estimate the cost of network security services for online crime will top $6 trillion by 2021. That’s a lot of money. And it’s representative of a lot of activity on the part of criminals. These folks are serious about getting your data. Which is why you need protection, no company is safe! Small businesses get targeted just like large enterprises. If you don’t have a provider supplying a thorough protection strategy, you need one. NOW.
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We have the technology and industry expertise to develop infrastructure cabling solutions and managed IT systems that work for clients across diverse industries.

Regional Market

We are leaders in the South Florida IT market with more than 10 years of experience providing cloud solutions, infrastructure designs, network security, and IT support.

Dedicated IT

We offer IT solutions 24/7/365 through our Remote Support program and weekly on-site visits to make sure your network and all your equipments are working for you.
GlobKlasse SmartCloud
Industry Expertise
GlobKlasse deep industry expertise enables firms in diverse industries to hit the ground running.
Real Estate


Considering the volume of data Financial Firms manage, losing it would certainly be catastrophic on all aspects. Not only would it be putting you behind in your work, but your clients’ trust will be on the wane.

This is when Globklasse SmartCloud interferes, by guaranteeing a safe and compliant service that can safeguard your financial information. You will now focus on serving your clients’ needs without worrying about data.


Media files can take up to 80% of your data storage resources. Content creators and companies alike have seen an ever-increasing need for secure and reliable cloud storage.

We, at GlobKlasse Corp., have pioneered a smart and affordable solution to securely store and access unlimited amounts of footage, project assets, and audio files on-demand.

Real Estate

Real Estate agents need to secure a high volume of sensitive data, whether it be confidential documents, floor plans, high resolution photographs and property information.


Globklasse SmartCloud Backup helps you securely keep these records protecting by offering military-grade encryption, allowing them to focus in serving client needs.


Last year, over 80% of firms had some sort of data breach. Information governance is paramount to legal practices. This is why Globklasse SmartCloud is ideal.

We’ve engineered military-grade encryption, to provide the highest levels of protection for client data that you can rely on, beyond a reasonable doubt.


The large load of information to store at healthcare organizations is overwhelming to manage. This might push you to wonder: How do hospitals and clinics face the challenge of securing patient data from a malicious attack and managing a costly infrastructure, while budgets continue to fall?

This is when the role of our SmartCloud Backup manifests. Our HIPPA compliant technology is cost-effective and will enable you to efficiently store important medical documents and ensure your files are protected.


Trust in education is a fundamental and without appropriate information governance, this can be put at stake.Globklasse SmartCloud ensures trust isn’t broken by protecting your data with military-grade encryption. What’s more, you can find any file quickly, improving productivity without the need of a dedicated IT department.

Educational institutions, whether public or private, are eligible for special pricing terms, contact us for more details.


There are over 400 million surveillance cameras installed worldwide. The amount of footage captured by these cameras poses challenges for storage requirements and accessibility.

Globklasse SmartCloud provides the most intuitive, cost-effective solution to fulfill retention and storage needs.

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We’re thankful to call these fine companies our clients!

Many brands have chosen GlobKlasse to help them design and manage their network infrastructure. Here are just a few examples of our delighted clients.

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